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HR: A Sustainability Strategy

Over the past year, I have spoken with CHROs from various organisations regarding my keen interest in environmental transformation for a better future. My primary focus was gaining insights into how different industries translate their sustainability strategies into tangible actions, with a specific emphasis on the role played by Human Resources.

Marilyn Chaplin of NTT, Rajita D’Souza of STMicroelectronics, Mirjam Baijens of Grundfos, and Stendert Krommenden of Ecotone have been among the CHROs I have spoken with. In my latest conversation, I had the opportunity to speak with Itee Satpathy, Chief HR, Sustainability, and Communications Officer at medmix.

About medmix:

medmix specialises in designing, developing, and manufacturing cutting-edge mixing, dispensing, and high-precision delivery devices. These technologies find applications in a diverse range of products, from mascara brushes and industrial adhesive applicators to dental mixers, surgical devices, and auto-injector pens. Through their innovative solutions, medmix contributes to sustainability, striving to help millions lead healthier and more confident lives.

About Itee Satpathy:

Itee Satpathy, currently the Chief HR, Sustainability, and Communications Officer at medmix, brings over two decades of HR expertise to her role. With a history of working across various HR functions, she has expanded her responsibilities to include Sustainability and Communications. In just two years with the company, Itee facilitated a global carve-out, implemented a new HR operating model, introduced HR tech and communication solutions, established new production sites, integrated acquisitions, and led comprehensive results publications. Prior to joining medmix, she held positions at renowned companies such as Novartis, Syngenta, Sulzer, and ICICI.

In our conversation, I delve into the challenges medmix faced in pursuing sustainability and the formulation of their strategy within the People-Planet-Profit framework.

Building on this discussion and my previous interactions, it’s evident that HR extends beyond traditional roles. There exists substantial potential for HR to contribute value and support businesses in their journey towards sustainability, encompassing development, communication, and implementation aspects.

Developing the Sustainability Strategy

What Questions Should We Be Asking?

Identifying the Challenges

The Link Between HR and Sustainability

Final thoughts

The Full Conversation


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