The Emerging Requirement for True Business Partners

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The emerging requirement for HR leaders in Japan is to act as true Business Partners to the organisation and to lead rather than follow. HRBPs need to possess the ability to consult with internal customers and work with them to build and develop a leading organisation within the marketplace.

As a result, Globalinx, ChapmanCG and GE Healthcare have collaborated to deliver a service that aims to improve the overall skillset of HR talent in the Japan market. In early June, the partnership saw the launch of a professional development programme for leading HR Business Partners in Tokyo and across Japan. The partnership has one mission in mind: to offer a Japan-based learning platform for HR Business Partners that will equip them with the necessary skills to compete on the global stage.

Fourteen participants from thirteen separate organisations took part in the first programme, creating an engaging learning environment and energetic group dynamic. The programme was one of a continuing series of learning modules and was based on real data that a HR Business Partner may be face with; making it both challenging and comprehensive. Participants openly shared their experiences and knowledge and learned new processes and methodologies that will support the development of strategic HR solutions to complex organisational issues.

Each team presented an organisational development solution that was based on a strategic analysis of the business and HR data. The quality and depth of each team’s solution was very impressive and demonstrated a clear understanding of the methods and processes learned over the two-days.

The event was made possible through the synergy of the partnership organisations. The drive and inspiration for the programme was provided by Rina Sakuraba at GE Healthcare; through client knowledge and relationship building, I was able to reach out and identify participants for the event; and the content for the programme was designed and developed by Kevin Reynolds and facilitated by Kevin and Tomomi Kotani, both from Globallinx.

Rina commented, “Thanks to Chapman CG and Globalinx and their partnership all together with a shared social mission to develop a bigger talent pool of HR Business Partners in the Japan market, together I am confident we contribute to setting up a disruptive talent development open-platform and shedding more lights on the competitive HR talent market out of Japan to go global

Philip Deane and Kevin Reynolds from Globalinx added: “We’d like to say ‘thank you very much’ to all the participants for their hard work and active participation in our first Japan HRBP Professional Development Seminar. We’d also like to say a big thank you to GE Healthcare for supporting the programme and to ChapmanCG for being our partner for this event! We are very pleased with the overall results and very encouraged by the participants’ feedback and comments. We are now planning our next open seminar where we hope to emulate the success of the first event.”

Globalising Japanese HR Talent

The next event, which will cover both similar modules, and successive sessions that take the learning even deeper, is currently planned for mid-October and late November 2019 (confirmed dates below), dependent on interest. The invitations with full details will be sent out in the coming months, and will include the curriculum to be delivered, location, dates and the cost to join this learning opportunity. The plan is to offer these sessions in both Japanese and English if possible. We look forward to continuing the mission to create great HR Leaders with our growing HR community in Japan. For enquiries, please visit our designated webpage and/or email ChapmanCG’s Ayumi Ishikura.

Event Details

Program conducted in the English language

Date:  Oct. 16th – 17th
 8:30 am – 5:30 pm 
: Central Tokyo 
: English 
 165,000 yen + Tax 

To RSVP click here to register and pay for the program conducted in the English language.

Program conducted in the Japanese language

Date: Nov. 26th – 27th
Time: 8:30 am – 5:30 pm 
Location: Central Tokyo 
Language: Japanese 
Cost: 165,000 yen + Tax 

To RSVP click here to register and pay for the program conducted in the Japanese language.

Places are limited to 30-34 HR Business Partners. To ensure your participation, please register by 10 days prior to the event.

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