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How to Balance Efficiency and Engagement in Global Organisations

When discussing our current work practices, what comes next? Many organisations face the challenge of balancing ongoing co-creation and idea generation while accommodating individual needs and preferences regarding work location, tasks, and responsibilities.

Andrew Riegel is no stranger to working globally, virtually, remotely – you name it!

As early as 2003, he had a job that allowed him to work remotely, which was not a common practice back then. His extensive work experience in organisations such as Novartis, Zurich Insurance, Reckitt and now Freshworks, have provided him with profound knowledge and expertise on this subject.

Managing the needs and wants of employees while balancing the requirements of global organisations or employers can be a delicate task. This is especially true as the trend toward remote, hybrid, and full-time office hours continues to shift. In this conversation, Tim Rayner, Managing Director at ChapmanCG, and Andrew Riegel explore the factors to keep in mind while striving to maintain this balance while working with a global team.

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