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Future-Proof Your Organization: The Power of Upskilling and Reskilling

As technological change accelerates and the job market becomes increasingly competitive, organizations must adopt new strategies to stay relevant and maintain a competitive edge. Two such approaches are upskilling and reskilling, which help employees to perform their jobs more effectively and adapt to changing circumstances.

In this conversation with HR and Talent leader Mohit Misra, Senior Advisor at McKinsey & Company and host of Leadership Under 3-Minutes, we discuss how upskilling and reskilling can help organizations future-proof themselves and remain successful in the long run.

We learned that beyond future-proofing the organization, the benefits of upskilling and reskilling are also tangible in the short run. By investing in employee development, organizations can create a culture of learning and innovation to foster continuous improvement and adaptability. Furthermore, upskilling and reskilling can help organizations attract and retain top talent, as employees are more likely to stay with an employer which invests in their professional growth.

Implementing successful upskilling and reskilling programs requires a systematic approach and commitment. Involving employees in the process is essential to ensure success, but equally important are the leaders behind these initiatives—good leadership and culture champions are crucial for successful implementation and providing ongoing support and feedback to employees throughout the process is vital to ensure progress and engagement.

In our conversation, Mohit describes the pillars of good leadership as “the ARC” (Authenticity, Resilience, and Clarity) and shares that “the ARC” can also be applied to successful upskilling and reskilling strategies.

Authenticity – Be authentic in conversations about assessing skill gaps.

Resilience – The business landscape is constantly evolving, so don’t give up.

Clarity – Have clarity on your approach and direction—a detailed roadmap helps. This is certainly sound advice for organizations looking to implement upskilling and reskilling strategies in today’s rapidly changing business environment.


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