Global HR Update Q3 2019

In this edition of our Global HR Update, we share our outlook for the third quarter and the rest of 2019. Our articles this quarter include new thoughts on performance reviews; best practice in employer branding; and we also review our recent Global HR Leader Networking series in New York City, where the focus was organisational culture change. We also have two podcasts – one covering the role of HR on corporate boards; and the other on flexible cultures. Finally, we have provided a ChapmanCG video on current trends in employee well-being.

We hope you enjoy this edition of our Global HR Update.

Global HR Outlook

The broad Talent function along with HR Change and Transformation remain the hottest topics in 2019. The ChapmanCG team and President/COO Stefanie Cross-Wilson share their thoughts on current trends in HR.
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HR Culture Vultures in New York City

We recently concluded a successful HR networking series in NYC. Our topic for discussion across three sessions was organisational culture change. Input from organisations around the table was interesting and varied.
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Performance Reviews Are Not Dead

In this thought-provoking piece, Fiona Jury looks at contemporary alternatives to measuring genuine success, and true workplace contribution when the traditional performance review falls short.
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Employer Branding and Employee Value Proposition

ChapmanCG_People_CompanyCulture_EmployeeBranding_Banner_LR copy

Organisations need to be consistently attracting, empowering, inspiring and retaining talent, and also competing for talent by differentiating the employee experience. A critical foundation of driving this differentiation is employer branding. ChapmanCG’s Tim Spriggs reflects on some key strategies and proven best practices.
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Obtaining Greater HR Representation on Boards

JonRickers-EnPro-Podcast ChapmanCG

In this podcast Jon Rickers (EnPro) discusses the need for greater HR and worker representation on corporate boards.
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Building an Organisational Culture of Flexibility

ChapmanCG Mirvac Flexibility BenjaminMorrisTILE

Our podcast with Mirvac’s Benjamin Morris and Paul Jury investigates flexible cultures, and the significant shift in the way people approach work, given varying workstyles and lifestyles.
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Trends in Employee Well-being


The well-being of employees is high on the current HR agenda. In this podcast I share my insights, along with other ChapmanCG’s team members, on current trends in employee well-being.
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