Global HR Outlook Q4 2017

We close the third quarter and enter the fourth with strong hiring momentum across the global HR profession. As many of our clients continue to strengthen the bond between Talent Management and Talent Acquisition, there is anticipation of new standards in internal and external leadership and talent pipelining capability.

HR Technologies and Employee Engagement continue to be the hotbed topics for 2017 and we don’t see that changing in the next three to six months. As HR technology enables more consistent and robust employee analytics, our clients are looking for forward-thinking HR leaders who can translate that into measurable business value, particularly around improving Employee Experience and Engagement, and all things Culture.

Employee Experience has become a key issue for organizations as top HR leaders have their pick of roles to choose from. HR leaders in our network want to work with their C-suite counterparts to develop an inclusive workplace that allows for flexibility and places a high value on Wellness. Many HR leaders have discussed with us the positive impact on engagement (and productivity) they have experienced after developing the right Wellness programs for their organizations.

Looking forward to 2018, ChapmanCG sees five exciting HR trends to watch for as:

  1. CHROs will be increasingly thinking about and experimenting with Artificial Intelligence; and its application to their businesses and functions
  2. Driven by the expansion of social media and digital communications, there will be a growing partnership between Marketing/Communications and Human Resources
  3. HR specialists will increasingly be expected to have well-developed business partnering skills, not just CoE expertise
  4. Employee Benefits will become a focus of innovation and investment for forward-looking CHROs and Total Rewards leaders
  5. Virtual Workplace 2.0: Remote working will get a ‘re-think’; and many organizations will start to develop smarter and more efficient ways to stay in touch with and manage virtual employees and teams.


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