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Making the Most of "MyChapmanCG"

Did you know that you could have relevant jobs, along with timely and interesting content that is pertinent to your career, delivered directly to you, exactly as you choose? The Chapman Consulting Group launched an exciting initiative in August, which can do all of this and more. ‘MyChapmanCG’ is a one-stop HR information and career management portal. It allows users to sign in to the ChapmanCG website via LinkedIn, Twitter, Google or e-mail credentials, and save their preferences to allow for a more customised experience in viewing content and job advertisements across multiple geographies, industries and HR specialisations.

The take-up from our HR community for MyChapmanCG has already been significant, and we hope that many more will start to benefit from the customised information on offer. If you haven’t signed up yet, and even if you already have, following are instructions to help you get started, along with some tips to ensure you are getting the most out of the MyChapmanCG experience.

1. How do I access MyChapmanCG?

Step 1: To access the portal, please click here:

Step 2: You can sign in using your Twitter, LinkedIn, or Facebook credentials, or you can create an account by registering your email address.

Step 3: Click on the login button. Note that you will receive an e-mail welcoming you to MyChapmanCG.

2. How do I set up my Career Management Portal?

Step 1: Follow the five steps to select your relevant:

  • HR Functions
  • Industries
  • Locations
  • Directors

Step 2: View your Career Management Portal page, which is found on the page called ‘Your Feed.’ This page will prepopulate with personalised and relevant content for you, based on your answers to the five set up questions.

3. How do I save job searches?

Step 1: Go to our Jobs search page:

Step 2: Enter in your advanced search criteria and click on search

Step 3: A prompt will appear asking you whether you want to save this search to your profile. If you do, then click on ‘save search.’

Step 4: A pop up box will appear confirming your search has been saved to your Feed page. If you want to view this search on your Feed page, you can click on the hyperlink to take you directly to this page.

4. How do I save individual jobs or articles to my Career Management Portal, so I can apply and read later?

Step 1: Find the job ad or article you are interested in and click on the button, and the article will automatically be saved to your ‘Favourites’ page.

Step 2: Note you can click on the ‘Added to your favourites’ button below to navigate back to this page.

Step 3: Note you can remove any saved job or article by clicking on the delete option;

5. How do I manage and edit what I am following?

Step 1: You can easily manage the content, which is relevant to you by reviewing your choices under your MyChapmanCG ‘Following’ page.

Step 2: You can simply tick or untick the options available under HR Functions, Industries, Location and ChapmanCG Directors

6. How do I manage my details and connect my other social media accounts?

Step 1: Your account details can be managed under the ‘Your details’ page. Here you can edit your name and email address.

Step 2: You can also link any of your alternative social network profiles to your existing MyChapmanCG portal. This means your MyChapmanCG portal can be viewed by whichever account you select to sign in.

Please note we only use the password verification process; we do not use any specific content or contacts from your social network profiles.

Step 3: You can easily delete your MyChapmanCG profile if you choose to by following the hyperlink ‘Would you like to remove your MyChapmanCG account.’

7. Additional feedback

We always love to hear your feedback and requests for any extra functionality, which you would find helpful. Please email


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