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Global Outlook Q4 2021


As we move towards the close of 2021, the HR talent landscape is extremely competitive across all regions. The market is one of busiest that we have seen, and we expect that this trend will continue into 2022. HR professionals are reporting approaches for multiple roles at any given time, and employers are having to focus heavily on retention. Talent acquisition functions are stretched, with many struggling to cope with the demand, particularly in ‘hot’ industries and locations. 

Processes are moving quickly to match the nature of the market. The importance of delivering a great candidate experience is paramount. Search processes that are slow, inflexible, or disjointed often lose the interest of the best talent available. 

As the role of the business partner continues to evolve, those professionals with expertise in digital transformation, organization effectiveness/development and change management are making the top of shortlists. Private equity continues to spark dramatic change in small- and medium-sized businesses. We are experiencing a push for financially astute, data-driven HR leaders with PE experience at the Chief People Officer level.

Specialist HR searches in Total Rewards, Talent Acquisition and HR Operations continue to be vibrant, as companies seek to strengthen and innovate in those areas. Throughout 2021, both DE&I and employee well-being have been at the top of the agenda for CEOs and CHROs. As such, we have been busy on mandates covering these crucial areas as employers commit to building healthy and sustainable workplaces.

The impact of talent shortages is deepening, with remote working becoming even more of a hot topic. Companies welcoming a remote or hybrid working option for employees are tending to have the pick of the best talent in the market. Leading employers continue to decentralize certain roles from the traditional regional headquarters or hub-markets. This has opened a new and promising base of talent who are unable or not wishing to relocate. This said, there is also a strong view out there that pivotal senior HR positions need to be in the office and very visible to be truly impactful and effective.

The team at ChapmanCG wishes the global HR community a happy and productive close to 2021 and a successful start to the year ahead!


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