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Previous meetings held by Novartis

  • Unlocking Workforce Potential with AI
    Switzerland Hosted by: Novartis

    In April 2024, we gathered 20 senior HR leaders from our network to explore the impact of AI on organisations and its potential to unlock workforce capabilities. The session was hosted by Markus Graf, VP HR, Global Head of Talent and Franck Appleby, Global Head of Talent & Transformation – International at the Novartis HQ in Basel, Switzerland, and co-presented with Ralf Buechsenschuss, Modern Work – Employee Experience Lead from Microsoft. Since conversations around Generative AI began, there has been much discussion about the power and impact of AI automation, and how to combine human and artificial intelligence to achieve greater business results. Generative AI can assist HR Professionals…

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  • Future Focus on Hybrid Work, Well-being and The Role of Employers Post-COVID and Beyond
    Taiwan Hosted by: Novartis

    The way we work is changing, especially after the impact of COVID-19. In Taiwan, 80% of companies have implemented flexible or hybrid work models, but some are struggling to transition without the support of global corporate teams. At our recent Global HR Leader Forum in Taipei, we explored the future of work in Taiwan in collaboration with Novartis. Together with our Taiwanese HR community, we discussed the impact of hybrid and remote working, addressed the challenges of employee engagement, the need to work harder on influencing key stakeholders, and the necessity of building trust between managers and employees. It is well-known that hybrid and remote work…

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  • Reinventing for Flexibility: A Skills-Based Approach to Talent Management
    Hosted by: Novartis Mercer GE Pandora

    The Scene: Earth – pre-global pandemic. The Scenario: A new way of working. Executive Perspective: 45% think their workforce is ready. The Workforce Perspective: 78% feel they could do it. Reality: The workforce was ready to adapt and wanted to reskill, but the reason to do so wasn’t compelling enough. Quite simply, the pandemic accelerated this new way of working and executives are impressed with how adaptable their workforces have been. Employers that already had a robust way of understanding what skills they had in their workforce, were able to pivot during the crisis and effectively flow the talent to…

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  • Three Ways Novartis HR is Empowering Its Leaders
    Asia / Pacific Hosted by: Novartis

    Managing effective and impactful transformation at all levels of an organization is no easy task. This is especially true for companies that have been used to operating in a specific way for so long, and are then faced with turning on a dime to match the demands of a VUCA world.

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  • Re-imagining Performance Management
    Americas Hosted by: Novartis

    As companies continue to grapple with finding an effective performance management solution, HR leaders are searching new ways to re-imagine the performance process. HR leaders shared current issues with managing performance and potential new directions for the future at a recent ChapmanCG roundtable co-hosted by Michiel van Duin and Niti Khosla at Novartis in Basel, Switzerland.  Reframing Performance Changes to CEOs, management teams or business strategy are helping to provide the opportunity for HR leaders to drive initiatives to challenge the status quo and transform the performance management process. Current processes often tend to be viewed as an onerous, box-ticking exercise connected…

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  • A Journey of HR Transformation and Rebirth

    As we come close to the end of another successful year, the ChapmanCG China team had our second series of 2017 HR leader roundtable sessions in Shanghai and Beijing. Co-hosted by Tapestry (formerly known as Coach), Novartis, Texas Instruments, and Shell, about one hundred APAC regional and China HR leaders and talent acquisition leaders gathered and had very interesting discussions (and debates, in many cases) about how HR should be evolving for the needs of the future workforce. Despite the fact that these HR leaders come from drastically different industries/organizations and are at various stages of their development, some clear…

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  • Building High Performance Organisations
    Hosted by: Novartis Unispace

    In conjunction with Novartis and Unispace, ChapmanCG hosted two HR Leaders Discussion Groups in Sydney in early May to explore the topic “Building High Performance Organisations.” In his report “Bersin Predictions 2017”, Josh Bersin stated that a focus on “Human Performance and Wellbeing”will become a critical part of HR, Talent, and Leadership. He said that overall engagement levels today are no higher than they were 10 years ago. Employees have become less productive and more over-worked. Despite more technology, we are not getting more done. The strategy for 2017 is for HR to become the “consultants in human performance”. High…

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  • Digital Innovation in HR
    Hosted by: Dell Novartis

    What does HR digital innovation mean in a geography where HR can still be regarded, even from the eyes of business leaders, as pretty traditional, both in terms of its strategy and operational output. Times are changing here in the Middle East, and ChapmanCG’s MEA team were delighted to be joined on two consecutive days by groups of pivotal regional HR Leaders who openly shared their challenges and success stories, all in respect to the innovation of HR best practices in Middle East today. The roundtables were co-chaired by Ben Davies, President (ChapmanCG) and Abby Walters, Middle East and Africa…

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  • Moving From Mature and Emerging Markets to ‘One World’
    Hosted by: Novartis

    Earlier this month The Chapman Consulting Group co-hosted one of our series of networking sessions with Novartis in Basel, Switzerland. The group consisted of Global HR Leaders representing a wide variety of companies and industries including: ABB, Abbott Laboratories, Actelion, Bloomberg, Cargill, Credit Suisse, DSM, Ecolab, Holcim, Merck, Nestle, Oerlikon OC, Panalpina, Procter & Gamble, Swiss Re, Syngenta, UBS, Unilever and VF Corporation. As these international companies continue to grapple with deploying HR strategies that work across both mature and emerging markets, the group shared some of their thoughts, challenges and predictions for the future on this topic. Systems That…

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