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Previous meetings held by Danone

  • AI and the Future of HR
    Asia / Pacific Hosted by: Standard Chartered Bank Danone

    Digitalisation and AI are top of many HR Leaders’ agendas, but the meaning and execution of digitalisation and AI can differ greatly between organisations. ChapmanCG gathered intel from a number of big players at an HR networking event to explore how HR leaders and their teams have introduced technology within their businesses, and where it is adding most value, both internally and externally.

    Danone HR Digitalisation AI Singapore, Executive Search, Human Resources, ChapmanCG
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  • Man's New Best Friend: AI and the Future of HR
    Americas Hosted by: Danone

    AI and automation are set to become big players in the HR sphere, but will AI become man’s best friend? HR leaders discussed their views on how this new technology can be harnessed to tackle some of the challenges we currently face at a ChapmanCG roundtable in Singapore. Understanding how technology can improve your organisation, and getting the workplace to embrace it are challenges we currently face. Our special thanks to Ellen Ruan Lan and Bhawna Gandhi, from Danone for hosting, and Wee Ling Ho from SAP for sharing her insights.

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  • Employer Branding and Its Impact on Retention in Indonesia
    Hosted by: Danone

    Finding the right talent is a one of the biggest challenges that businesses face around the world, and how they go about retaining the talent they do find, from a brand and culture perspective, is equally important. ChapmanCG co-hosted an HR Roundtable with Danone in Jakarta to bring together HR leaders from some of the major brands in Indonesia to discuss Employer Branding. Some brands have become so strong that one of their key the challenges is to maintain a “contender’s” mindset and stay hungry as opposed to resting on their laurels. Building a strong employer brand is about putting…

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  • The Future of Talent in China

    ChapmanCG recently hosted six events in both Beijing and Shanghai, to discuss the importance of strategic workforce planning in a market like China’s. Each session had a slightly different angle on this broad and thought provoking topic. Hosted at Danone, DuPont, IBM, Jones Lang LaSalle, Pfizer and Standard Chartered Bank, the events provided an insight into how some of these ‘best in class’ companies are approaching their talent strategies for the future. There were some interesting presentations from a range of speakers including Kamali Rajesh, APAC Head of Talent at Ford Motor Company, who is based in Shanghai. She talked…

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