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Previous meetings held by Bayer

  • Cracking the Code: From Digital Transformation to Sustainability 
    Asia / Pacific Hosted by: Bayer

    The consequences of digital transformation features high on today’s HR leaders’ priority list. Faced with a skills gap, how can practices adapt to attract the workforce of tomorrow whilst up-skilling the workforce they have today?

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  • China vs Global HQ: International Human Resources Leaders need to inject more ‘Human’ into their relationships overseas

    In today’s matrix global organisations, a great deal of emphasis is put on systems and processes. And quite rightly: we need to streamline global decision-making; we need transparency and accuracy of complex data; and we need the mechanisms that allow HR practitioners to add value across different business units and international markets. But when designing these systems, many global HR leaders don’t transfer the ‘human touch’ from Global Headquarters down to other locations. This article briefly articulates the problem, and its effect on developing truly international talent in China. But it’s themes are universal, and could be applied to leadership…

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  • Developing Leaders in Japan: the Japan Talent Director's Perspective
    Hosted by: Bayer

    In February, The Chapman Consulting Group co-hosted a networking group of twenty Talent Management leaders in Japan at the Tokyo office of Bayer. It represented our most senior group of TM professionals to date, with participants from the local, regional and global levels. Participants came from a wide selection of industries, including Talent leaders from AIG, American Express, Bloomberg, BNY Mellon, Cisco, Citi, Coca-Cola, Gap, General Electric, Goldman Sachs, Hitachi, IBM, MetLife, Mondelez and Nikko Asset Management. Attracting and Engaging a New Generation of Future Leaders in Japan Initially the conversation focused on the selection criteria for high potential talent…

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