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  • Growing Pains – Talent Challenges for a City on the Rise
    North America Hosted by:

    The ChapmanCG team was fortunate enough to spend some time in Seattle. It is a market we visit frequently, but wow, how that city is changing! From Amazon’s continued expansion downtown (30+ buildings across the city and counting!) to scaling up by Google and Facebook, and from the impressive work being carried out by the Bill and Melinda Gates Foundation through to Microsoft somewhat quietly and confidently regaining the number one spot in terms of market cap, it really is a hotbed of activity. Zillow too are absolutely worth a mention as they continue to strive for innovation in the…

    Alan Mait, Stefanie-Cross Wilson and Jaemi Taylor in front of the Amazon Spheres in Seattle
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  • The Growing Power of Millennials in the Inclusion Debate
    China Mainland Hosted by: GSK EY

    As a large baby boomer generation gets set to retire, inclusion of millennials and younger generations in the workplace is becoming a critical focus for HR leaders in China. China’s working population is projected to fall by 5% by 2030, and with a quarter of the population aged over 60 at that point, millennials will make up a much larger proportion of the future workforce. At a recent series of recent ChapmanCG roundtable in Beijing and Shanghai, HR leaders shared how the diversity and inclusion agenda is focusing on ‘inclusion first’ to ensure a range of generations can have an impact on…

    Millennials in China
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  • APAC Talent Acquisition Leaders Meeting in Singapore
    Hosted by:

    The Chapman Consulting Group held a meeting of APAC Talent Acquisition Leaders in Singapore, hosted by The meeting was attended by a great group of participants, including representatives from Accenture, Avon, Bank of America Merrill Lynch, Bayer, Credit Suisse, Mars, Motorola Solutions, Nike, Shell, and Swarovski.

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  • HR Effectiveness and Productivity in Japan: The HR Leaders' Perspective

    The Chapman Consulting Group co-hosted another series of HR roundtable discussions for select HR Heads over the last week. Japan HR leaders from high-profile multinationals in the Financial Services, Consumer Goods, Hospitality, Retail, Industrial, Technology, Media, and Life Sciences sectors met over a series of breakfasts, lunches and afternoon teas at the Japan headquarters of, SAP, Goldman Sachs, Intel and Hilti to discuss HR leadership strategies. The conversations were themed along the subject of HR productivity in Japan, and the ways in which HR teams can continue to be effective with limited in-country resources, while work seamlessly within a…

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