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Total Rewards and the Future of Wellness

Hosted by Syngenta

With rampant disruption and a dynamic workforce, companies must constantly evaluate its Employee Value Proposition to ensure that it is offering a highly compelling proposition. Clearly, compensation alone is no longer the main driver. Employees now expect a total package that addresses their needs and values. Just ahead of ...

Japan HR Leaders Discuss Leadership, Change and Engagement in the Japan Context

The Chapman Consulting Group today concluded a week of group meetings with Japan HR Leaders. We convened nine separate groups in this series, with between ten and twenty Japan HR Country Heads in attendance at each one. Thanks go to the Japan HR Leaders from each of the organisations that helped to co-host ...

Are Current and Future Japan HR Talent Prepared for International HR Leadership?

The Chapman Consulting Group co-hosted another series of HR roundtable discussions for select HR Heads over the last week. Japan HR leaders from high-profile multinationals in the Financial Services, Consumer Goods, Hospitality, Retail, Industrial, Technology, Media, and Life Sciences sectors met over lunch at the Japan headquarters of Syngenta, Bank of America Merrill ...

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