Previous Meetings Hosted by Symantec

The Chapman Consulting Group Hosts Six HR Leaders Meetings in Japan

The Chapman Consulting Group’s Asia Pacific Series of HR Leaders Meetings has moved on to Japan, with six meetings in Tokyo over three days. These meetings each brought together around 20 HR Leaders from a wide cross-section of industries, and were held at the Japan headquarters of Siemens (Osaki), Symantec (Akasaka), Givaudan (Meguro), ...

Staffing Leaders Gather in Singapore

Hosted by Symantec

A group of 20 Regional Staffing Leaders gathered on Tuesday, 1st May at the offices of Symantec to discuss the latest market trends and what’s on their agenda for the next quarter. These are regular sessions aimed at combining networking with the chance to share ideas and innovation in the staffing function. A ...

Global HR Networking Partners

Here are the companies that have hosted HR Networking Meetings with us: