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Influencing Change in Japan: Regional HR Successes and Misconceptions

Hosted by McDonald's

In early December, ChapmanCG hosted an exceptional meeting for Singapore-based regional HR leaders on the topic of HR and talent in Japan. The ChapmanCG Japan consulting team flew in to offer their insights from the market, and a handpicked group of participants in Singapore who either covered HR in Japan, or had experienced ...

Change Management in Japan: What’s Working

The Chapman Consulting Group’s recent Asia Pacific Series of HR Leaders Sessions included meetings hosted in Tokyo by AIG, AT&T, Bristol-Myers Squibb, HSBC, McDonald’s, Philips, Philip Morris and Tetra Pak, and in Osaka by Astra-Zeneca. With an overall theme of HR Transformation and Change Management, very different discussions emerged in each of the nine meetings, ...

Global HR Networking Partners

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