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HR Leaders Meet at Linde Group in Singapore

Hosted by Linde Group

The half yearly APAC HR Leaders Networking Series has kicked off in Singapore this morning with over 30 HR Leaders getting together at the Linde Group’s regional headquarters in Singapore. The Chapman Consulting Group’s (ChapmanCG) HR Leader Network Series, in June 2013, will see more than 24 HR groups getting together in Singapore, ...

The ChapmanCG Global HR Leaders Meetings Series Heads into Central Europe: Germany & Switzerland

The Chapman Consulting Group’s Global Series of HR Leaders Meetings have moved on to the Central Europe sub-region, with two meetings in Germany and one in Switzerland. Our first meeting in Germany was hosted by DHL Supply Chain at their landmark headquarters in Bonn. Our second group met in Munich at the Linde ...

Global HR Networking Partners

Here are the companies that have hosted HR Networking Meetings with us: