Previous Meetings Hosted by KPMG

Effective Employer Branding – Standing Out from the Crowd

Hosted by KPMG

The buzz in the room was audible. It was indicative of the high level of interest in the topic, and the afternoon unfolded into an interactive session which overran by more than thirty minutes. Employer branding is always a complex topic to tackle due to the multi-faceted nature. Campus ...

“One World for HR” is it Possible? A Roundtable with Global HR Leaders in Amsterdam

Hosted by KPMG

Tim Rayner, a Director with The Chapman Consulting Group based in Europe, recently led a discussion amongst 30 global HR Leaders in Amsterdam on the topic of ‘One World for HR — is it possible?’ The roundtable offered an opportunity for attendees to share experiences and insights, discussing where their companies ...

Global HR Networking Partners

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