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What Japan Needs From Their HR Leaders

Hosted by HSBC

Boosting HR as a career path and developing HR skills and expertise in Japan was the hot topic at last month’s ChapmanCG HR leaders meeting in Tokyo, hosted by HSBC’s Head of HR, Noriko Ono. ChapmanCG’s Oscar Fuchs and Yan Sen Lu were in attendance, along with HR leaders from ...

Change Management in Japan: What’s Working

The Chapman Consulting Group’s recent Asia Pacific Series of HR Leaders Sessions included meetings hosted in Tokyo by AIG, AT&T, Bristol-Myers Squibb, HSBC, McDonald’s, Philips, Philip Morris and Tetra Pak, and in Osaka by Astra-Zeneca. With an overall theme of HR Transformation and Change Management, very different discussions emerged in each of the nine meetings, ...

Global HR Networking Partners

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