Previous Meetings Hosted by General Motors

The Realities of Technological Implementation in India

In November this year, we at ChapmanCG returned to India for our second round of meetings conducted across 3 cities: Bangalore, Mumbai and Gurgaon. We had the privilege of co-hosting these meetings with a number of our long time key contacts in the country: Flipkart, JLL, General Motors, GroupM, ...

Compensation & Benefits Leaders Meet in Bangalore to Discuss Recent Market Trends

Hosted by General Motors

The Chapman Consulting Group co-hosted its first India C&B Leaders session at the offices of General Motors in Bangalore on Tuesday 24th April. Similar gatherings have happened in Hong Kong, Singapore and Japan so we were excited to bring the C&B community together in India. The group was a diverse mix of industries ...

Q1/Q2 India HR Briefings by The Chapman Consulting Group Reveal Latest HR Trends

The Chapman Consulting Group spent a busy week with HR Leaders in three locations in India; Gurgaon, Mumbai and Bangalore this week. Our Half-Yearly HR Briefing Series for Quarter One and Two for India and Asia Pacific was hosted at the premises of many prominent companies such as Convergys, Philips, Nielsen, Coca-Cola, Shell, ...

Global HR Networking Partners

Here are the companies that have hosted HR Networking Meetings with us: