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What Makes a Great Candidate Experience?

Hosted by Expedia

Expedia hosts ChapmanCG in London ChapmanCG co-hosted a Talent Acquisition leaders think tank session at the offices of Expedia last month to discuss what makes a great candidate experience. Attendees were present from Shell, Facebook, Credit Suisse, American Express, Verizon and Expedia, with members of the global recruiting team from Asia, Latam and the USA. During a ...

Traffic in India May be Slow, But the Pace of Change in the Workplace is Faster than Ever

In March this year, ChapmanCG returned to India with a series of roundtables held across Bangalore, Mumbai and Gurgaon. The meetings were co-hosted by a number of long-term contacts at Intel, Credit Suisse, Ericsson, Expedia, BP, NCR and the Manipal Group. We were joined by senior HR leaders from a broad ...

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