Previous Meetings Hosted by DuPont

The Future of Talent in China

ChapmanCG recently hosted six events in both Beijing and Shanghai, to discuss the importance of strategic workforce planning in a market like China’s. Each session had a slightly different angle on this broad and thought provoking topic. Hosted at Danone, DuPont, IBM, Jones Lang LaSalle, Pfizer and Standard Chartered Bank, the events provided an insight ...

Taiwan HR Leaders Discuss “Big Data” Successes

Hosted by GSK, DuPont

The Chapman Consulting Group was delighted to co-host two groups of Taiwan HR Leaders in Taipei last week at the offices of DuPont and GlaxoSmithKline. Both groups were very lively, and an interesting discourse took place around the subject of data management, data systems, and the way that ‘big data’ is changing how HR is ...

Global HR Networking Partners

Here are the companies that have hosted HR Networking Meetings with us: