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From Talent Innovation to Joint Ventures and Strategic Partnerships

Hosted by Heineken, Cargill

After a supercharged week in the Netherlands where ChapmanCG’s Ben Davies and Tim Rayner co-hosted two fantastic HR Leader sessions at Heineken and Cargill, there was clearly strong momentum in terms of the great potential HR has in developing sustainable entrepreneurial cultures and ventures that are absolutely critical to the survival ...

APAC HR Leaders Meet to Discuss Change

Hosted by Cargill

Bring a group of HR leaders together these days, and the word on everyone’s mind is ‘change’. Almost all organisations are either undergoing or has recently undergone a process of transformation that has seen the overhaul of the old and sluggish process, to bring in those that are new, ...

Latest HR News from Indonesia

Hosted by Cargill, Antam

The Chapman Consulting Group (ChapmanCG) has just returned from Jakarta where it took part in two key HR Leader groups in the Indonesian market. ChapmanCG believes it is important to bring together HR leaders to share best-practice ideas on the latest HR trends. Matthew Chapman, CEO, and Tim Spriggs, Director, ChapmanCG, attended the session. The Quarter 2 2013 ...

Leadership Development and Direct Recruitment in Japan: Two Key Topics Discussed in Tokyo

The November 2012 Japan HR Leaders Series of meetings consisted of five separate get-togethers. Two separate groups of Japan Human Resources Heads met at the offices of Cargill and Alcatel-­Lucent to discuss current talent trends; Japan HR and Staffing Leaders met at PAREXEL to discuss direct sourcing strategies; Japan HR and Talent Leaders ...

Global HR Networking Partners

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