Previous Meetings Hosted by ANZ

Transforming Taiwan

The Chapman Consulting Group hosted two meetings for Taiwan HR Leaders this week, as part of the Asia Pacific Series of HR Leaders Meetings that were held throughout the month of November. One meeting was held at the Taipei headquarters of ANZ Bank, where there was a particularly lively group in attendance. The other meeting ...

Engage to Retain in Indonesia

Hosted by Microsoft, ANZ

The Chapman Consulting Group hosted two animated HR Leader Networking Sessions in Jakarta last week. The first took place at Microsoft and the second at ANZ in their brand new learning and development centre. As always, the discussions amongst our Indonesian HR community were energetic and engaging. Representatives joined us from a diverse range of ...

The Changing Face of HR in Vietnam

Hosted by ANZ

In the year 2000, I had the opportunity to backpack from Ho Chi Minh, in South Vietnam, to Hanoi in the North. Over a wonderful month, I explored every beach and mountain I could find and took a long slow and bumpy journey north. I took the night train from Hanoi to the splendid remoteness ...

HR Leaders Meet in Melbourne

Hosted by ANZ

The Chapman Consulting Group recently brought together an impressive group of Regional HR Leaders in Melbourne, hosted by the ANZ Bank. Our session took the format of a round table event whereby leaders discussed current challenges shared by many multinational organisations. Some of the challenges discussed included rapid growth in a dynamic business ...

Regional Banking HR Heads Discuss How to Maintain HR Service Levels While Saving on Costs

Hosted by ANZ

The Chapman Consulting Group today enjoyed co-hosting a lively group of HR Leaders from the Banking and Financial Services industries at the Singapore headquarters of ANZ Bank. Attendees from a wide selection of American, European and Asian banks gathered for our regular quarterly industry HR update. The theme of today’s ...

Australia-Based HR Leaders Meet at ANZ Bank and Qantas

Hosted by ANZ, Qantas

APAC Regional HR Leaders have met in Melbourne and Sydney this week to hear The Chapman Consulting Group’s Quarter 1 2011 APAC HR Update. ANZ played host to 20 HR Leaders on Monday 7 March in Melbourne, while more than 25 HR Leaders met at Qantas on Tuesday 8 March in Sydney to ...

Global HR Networking Partners

Here are the companies that have hosted HR Networking Meetings with us: