Digitalisation is transforming the function of human resources. As organisations look more-and-more towards digitalising their systems and products, they also need to ensure they have the right skills for the future and develop more agile ways of working. Digital transformation, however, will only be as good as the mindset, people and processes that drive it. Here are five of ChapmanCG’s recent and most insightful content pieces touching on the digitisation of HR.

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The Role of HR as Business Enabler of Digital Transformation

Many organisations are looking at digitalising their systems, their products or simply ensuring they have the right skills for the future and looking at how to develop more agile ways of working. ChapmanCG’s Director, Anna Taylor explores what HR’s role is as a business enabler of digital transformation as discussed at a HR leaders Roundtable in Paris, hosted by Orange.


Four Essential Tips to Attracting and Retaining Quality Digital Talent

Executive Advisor, Frieder Rummel and Managing Director, Tim Spriggs map out the four key questions that need be considered around the attraction of digital talent, highlighting the focus was more about people rather than purely on technology. This article was generated after a HR leaders roundtable hosted by Allianz.


Blockchain’s Potential to Transform HR

Will blockchain live up to its promise of transforming the way we work? ChapmanCG’s Managing Director, Steve Brown explores four ways it could change the HR world, from learning and development through to productivity and security.


Talent Challenges in 2018: HR Skills in High Demand

We are now seeing an explosion in the digital space, and HR leaders now have the highly challenging task of bringing a digital culture into their organisation where one did not previously exist. Alan Mait provides valuable insights into the skills demanded of the HR profession.

Podcast: New Ways to Digitalise Your Workforce

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In the face of digital transformation, HR leaders are turning their attention to building internal capability instead of relying too heavily on external support. In particular, HR has the potential to be the driver of innovative learning tools such as ‘nano-degrees’ in building digital capability. ChapmanCG’s Frieder Rummel speaks with Dr Hays Steilberg, Executive Vice President Corporate HR, Executives and Talent at Bertelsmann SE & Co. KGaA, about innovative models for learning and capacity building.


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