The global economy continues to perform well, making the outlook for the second half of 2018 a positive one. There has been a lot of movement within the HR world, with a focus on HR leaders who can do more with less and those with strong experience in Talent Management.

Overall, the global demand for top talent continues to increase. As a result, CHROs are forced to develop new strategies that focus on the employee experience. At the same time, technology and talent analytics continue to be at the forefront of Human Resources discussions.

For HR executive search, no specialization is currently busier than Talent Acquisition. We are seeing many organizations looking for transformative Talent Acquisition leaders who can bring strategic weight to bear, digital and technology expertise and, importantly, an ability to implement on a practical level within and across diverse geographies around the world.

Broader experience in HR Business Partnering, Talent Management, and/or deep talent analytics skills makes a Talent Acquisition leader even more attractive to progressive organizations. Conversely, elite heads of Talent Acquisition can ‘pick and choose’ their next career move, with many wanting to report directly to the CHRO as opposed to a Head/VP of Talent Management.

The ‘future of work’ is evolving at a rapid pace. Employee engagement and continuous learning are proving easier to establish in work environments where diversity, inclusion and innovation are staples.

Meanwhile, automation is making data analysis and interpretation, team building, creativity, and proven commercial judgment some of the most sought-after skills in a world where people will increasingly work alongside AI technologies.


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