Since our launch of the ChapmanCG Global HR Interview podcast series in 2015, we have published over 160 interviews with our Global HR Network, which you can subscribe to on iTunes. Covering digital trends in HR, agile working, company culture, D&I and everything in between, here are our top podcasts from 2018 to add to your podcast listening list.


Cindy Davis chapmancg

Embracing Agile Working in HR

Cindy Davies, Senior Vice President of Talent and Development at Thomson Reuters, shares how agile working is helping HR leaders to be more responsive to employees and business needs in this interview with ChapmanCG’s Tim Spriggs.

Renata Janini Dohmen_SAP_Podcast_2018

Navigating the Journey from Diversity to Inclusion

Over the years, a heightened focus on building diverse teams and inclusive cultures has motivated senior executives to push the dialogue forward in their organisations.

Renata Janini Dohmen, Senior Vice President – Human Resources for Asia-Pacific and Japan at SAP, discusses how the organisation is navigating the journey from diversity to inclusion with ChapmanCG’s Lavanya Ullas.

Photo of Mohit Misra

The Future of Employee Engagement

Employee engagement is evolving rapidly as HR leaders harness its value for everything from business performance to change programs. Mohit Misra, VP Global Head of Talent Management, Acquisition, OD and Diversity at The Chemours Company, shares his experience, with ChapmanCG’s Alan Mait, of transforming organisational health and his predictions for future trends.

Human resources, ChapmanCg, culture change, future fit, organisational psychology

Viral Culture Change and Future-Fit Leadership

Supporting leaders to establish future-fit behaviours can play a critical role in helping culture change programs to go viral. Gina Wilson, EMEIA Organisational Development Leader at EY, shares her experiences of viral culture change programs with ChapmanCG’s Abby Walters.

Katsuyoshi Sugita_Microsoft_Podcast_2018

The Utilisation of Tech in HR

Technology has changed everything, from the way we order our food to the way businesses interact with customers. It has impacted the way orders are processed to the way employees interact with one another. And since the dawn of the Information Age, one company has always been there. Microsoft. Katsuyoshi Sugita, Head of Human Resources for Microsoft Japan, discusses utilising tech in HR with ChapmanCG’s Yan Sen Lu.


Practical Employee Wellness Programmes in Emerging Markets

Many organisations see emerging markets as tough markets to penetrate. And when multinationals manage to get a foothold, finding the right talent, and keeping that talent, represents the next set of challenges. Therefore, ensuring that the right programmes are in place is critical. Joe Chalouhi, Senior HR Director Global Growth Organisation and Oil & Gas Middle East, North Africa, Turkey & Pakistan for GE, discusses practical employee wellness programmes in emerging markets with ChapmanCG’s Abby Walters.

Charu Maini Chapman

Digital Trends that will Shape HR Over the Next 10 Years

New technologies such as AI and other digital trends are continuing to transform the way HR functions operate. Charu Maini, Vice President of HR – Global HR & Legal at Pearson, speaks to Tim Spriggs about her experiences of digital transformation and predictions for how digital will shape HR over the next 10 years.

How to Set Yourself Apart as an HR Leader

For HR leaders to retain a seat at the top table, it’s important that they have significant influence within the business. But how do you differentiate yourself and your team from other senior leaders? In this podcast, ChapmanCG’s Tim Rayner speaks with Aaron Falcione, Vice President of Human Resources at Merck/MSD International to discuss how you can set yourself apart as an HR leader.

Paulo Pisano Chapman

Optimising Organisational Culture

People want to work in environments where they feel engaged and inspired. Organisations therefore, need to develop a unique culture, which differentiates them from the competition. Of course, the fit goes both ways, and to be successful employees need to find the right fit for them.

Paulo Pisano, Group HR Director — CHRO at Galp Energia, discusses organisational culture and engagement in the workplace with ChapmanCG’s Tim Rayner.

Bernd Lehmann_ChapmanCg

From CHRO to CEO

The role of CHRO is gaining importance like never before. Today, the role has become much more of a game changer, with a direct reporting line to the CEO. With advanced leadership abilities and strategy implementation skills, CHROs are seen as enablers of business strategy. This begs the question, can CHROs become CEOs? Dr. Bernd Lehmann, CEO of Euler Hermes speaks with ChapmanCG’s Frieder Rummel about his move from CHRO to CEO.

Here are our 10 Top 2017 Podcasts:

  1. Women at the Top: Amanda Vaughan, Global Human Resources Director at AXA Partners & AXA Assistance
  2. The Power of WeChat: Anne-Marie McCaughan, APAC Head of Employer Branding and Recruitment at Henkel and Beecher Ashley-Brown, Co-Founder and Senior Vice President at
  3. Leading, Mentoring and Developing HR Leaders of the Future: Stella Strazdas and Oscar Fuchs
  4. China’s Productivity Challenge: Yi Wang, Vice President & Area HR Director at GlaxoSmithKline:
  5. Millennials in the Workplace: Vishpala Reddy, Vice President of Human Resources at American Express
  6. Open Source Change Management: Dr. Daniels Dirks, CEB’s Consulting Director and Head of HR Consulting EMEA
  7. Spearheading Transformation Change: Rachael Pogson, Global Vice President of Talent Acquisition & HR Central at Seagate Technology
  8. Developing a Global Mindset and a Global Career: Stella Strazdas and Oscar Fuchs
  9. HR in a Fast-Moving Commercial Environment: Catherine Blachère, Head of Human Resources, Intercontinental Region at Bristol-Myers Squibb
  10. HR and Emerging Technologies: Addie van Rooij, Vice President HR Global People Operations at Hewlett Packard Enterprise


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