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Sustainable Organisation Development in Times of Polycrisis

A ChapmanCG Global HR Leaders Forum in Frankfurt

Hosted by: PepsiCo

We recently partnered with PepsiCo for an HR Leaders Roundtable in Frankfurt, where HR Managers took part in an engaging roundtable discussion. Hosts Kerstin Eiternick, HR Director at PepsiCo, and Kerstin Ruecker, Director Human Resources & Organization Development at Eckes-Granini, presented their views on the modern organisational landscape, offering valuable insights that resonate across industries. Here are the key takeaways from the event:

Unprecedented Risks and Resilience

Kerstin Eiternick started the discussion by highlighting the constant crises that organisations face today. She pointed out the need for resilience and cultural adaptation to unpredictable risks. Kerstin proposed a comprehensive organisational resilience approach focusing on culture, communication, agility, and empowerment.

Changing Workforce Dynamics

We also discussed the evolution of workforce expectations. Over the past 50 years, people have become more affluent, leading to shifting expectations around flexibility, career mobility, and the desire for purposeful work. The discussion underlined the importance of personalised rewards, mental health, and identifying new skills, highlighting the dynamic nature of today’s workforce.

Cultural Empowerment

One standout initiative was PepsiCo’s innovative ‘CEO for the Day’ program, which empowers employees to implement their ideas and foster engagement. Participants present their projects to a panel of judges, with the winner assuming the CEO role for a day. This creates significant engagement and has resulted in several impactful initiatives being implemented.

Sustainability in Action

Kerstin Ruecker’s presentation focused on sustainable living and working, stressing the importance of physical and psychological safety, diversity, and sustainable growth. Ruecker outlined a four-step approach for effective transformation, highlighting empowerment through on-the-job learning, community building, and leadership empowerment.

Personal and Organisational Transformation

Both speakers underscored the significance of individual and collective transformation, from community building to a four-step approach for effective change management. The key takeaway was the centrality of people and culture in driving meaningful transformation.

Collaborative Success

The roundtable concluded with a powerful message on the importance of collaboration for impactful change, which resonated well with all participants. Our session reinforced the dynamic nature of leadership and the continuous need for innovation and adaptability.

We would like to thank all participants for their insightful contributions. The talks confirmed that in the face of unprecedented challenges, the keys to success lie in cultural empowerment, sustainability, and collaborative transformation. This HR Leader Roundtable was not just a gathering of minds but a testament to the ongoing evolution of effective leadership in this day and age.

We are excited to bring our network together again soon for further thought leadership opportunities in Germany and around the world. Keep an eye out here for details about upcoming global HR leader gatherings.


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