Q&A with Jaemi: HR Trends and Universal Career Advice

Jaemi Taylor is a Director with ChapmanCG based in Seattle, WA United States. In this Q&A, she shares her views on the latest HR trends and the most valuable career advice she has received. 

What are the current HR trends you are noticing?  
There has been a lot of recent discussion around the need to offer more benefits to employees in the area of mental health and wellbeing. There appears to be a lack of resources as it pertains to anxiety, stress, grief and other challenges in the workplace, and it’s becoming more of a focus in the minds of HR leaders.  Another obvious trend has to do with the “future of work”.  How the future of work will impact business as it pertains to attracting, hiring and retaining top talent is very much on the radar of leaders around the globe.

How does the HR landscape differ from other areas of business you’ve worked in? 
The HR landscape is genuinely a collaborative space. There is a sense of community and an aligned group of values.  Specializing in the human capital arena places our firm in the heart of each company’s most valuable asset, which is of course, the people.  The time taken with each conversation is a huge differentiator within the HR landscape. Whether I’m speaking with a business that has hiring needs, or an individual looking to make a move, ample time is taken for a thorough exchange of information for the benefit of each side.  Being on the same page for the greater good takes place in HR, unlike any other area of I’ve worked in. 

What motivates you?   
To have a job where you feel good about waking up and tackling the day is a gift. I’ve learned that what it generally comes down to is the team you work with and the people you work for. If you like both, it’s a very special place to be. It’s easy to stay motivated when you work with a group of people who are positive, energetic and value collaboration.  While ChapmanCG is global, we are a team of professionals that work hand in hand with one another to make great things happen in the lives and businesses we touch.

What’s the best piece of career advice that you’ve been given? 
The best piece of career advice I was ever given was to hire people smarter than yourself and then get out of their way.

Who do you admire and why? 
I look up to positive people and those who are generous. So much of happiness seems to be created from within and is a mindset. I admire those who create joy in their own lives and those around them. 

What do you work toward in your free time? 
I love the salt water and the more time I spend out there floating, the better. 

If you were on an island and could only bring three things, what would you bring and why? 
I would bring Dan, music and a fantastic bottle of wine. Why? Because that has always created a very happy place.   

Jaemi Taylor ChapmanCG
Seattle bay and Jaemi on the water, her favourite place to be.[/caption]
Connect with Jaemi on LinkedIn, or see her full profile on ChapmanCG’s team page. For HR Opportunities around the world, visit our website here


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Jaemi Taylor

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Jaemi Taylor is a Managing Director with ChapmanCG and is based in the United States. She leads senior searches for ChapmanCG’s major clients across a range of industries. Jaemi also leads our US and Americas consulting team.

Prior to joining ChapmanCG, Jaemi was with Robert Half Executive Search where she was a Managing Director, working with a diverse client base including Fortune 500, small and medium-sized public and private companies, as well as private equity and venture-backed companies.

She has over 16 years of experience in the search industry, including conducting international searches in Australia, New Zealand, Europe, and the UK. Her sector expertise includes technology, consumer goods, non-profit, professional services and pharmaceutical.

Jaemi’s favorite pastime is travel and favorite sound is laughter. When not working, you will find her enjoying time with friends, cooking, reading, and exploring the waters of the Pacific Northwest with her husband and their seaworthy cat.