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Leslie Tang is an Associate Director with ChapmanCG based in Hong Kong. As organisations are being challenged to adapt in the face of health concerns, Leslie recently shared his top tips for virtual working. ChapmanCG is proud to empower its employees to work virtually.  

With the rise of Covid-19 and other global occurrences from natural disasters and climate awareness, more and more companies are offering the flexibility to work from home. We now face the new challenge of transitioning into a new “workplace”. Having to minimise distractions whilst still achieving high productivity can be a real test.

Since joining ChapmanCG in late 2019, I’ve made the switch to work remotely full time. This is the first company I’ve joined that operates in this model, and there has definitely been some trial and error until I was able to find a routine that works for me.

With that said, here are some of my favourite tips to share with you all:

  • Start your day on time and be committed to your schedule/calendar
  • Have a to-do-list, set your key priorities for the day
  • Get dressed for work as if you were leaving the house (i.e. no PJ’s)
  • Exercise is key, it resets the body and mind. Personally, I go for a run either early in the morning or mid-day
  • Ensure you have reliable internet
  • Take regular 10/15 minute short breaks away from your desk – stretch and drink plenty of water
  • It’s always good to get outside often and see other people, even if that just means buying a cup of joe at your favourite local café
  • If you feel isolated, connect with your colleagues. At ChapmanCG we use various apps and have regular team calls using the video function
  • Keep yourself accountable and don’t allow working from home to manifest a build up of tasks
  • Lastly – enjoy the space to be creative!

Whether working from home is a necessity, a perk, or a last resort – it may take some time to find your perfect rhythm but, in time, you’ll find what works for you.


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Leslie Tang

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LT_LeslieTang_2019 chapmancg hong kong Human resources
Consulting Team

Leslie Tang

Associate Director

Leslie joined ChapmanCG in 2019 as an Associate Director based in Hong Kong. His work involves in-depth research and analysis to find high-calibre HR talents across the Asia Pacific region, with a particular focus on Hong Kong and the Greater China.

Prior to joining ChapmanCG, Leslie was a client solutions manager with Randstad in Hong Kong, responsible for managing key client relationships across industries and functions to originate further revenue and market share. He has also worked across Canada, Shanghai, and Hong Kong, in a variety of sales and business development and recruiting roles, both in-house and agency side.

Leslie is originally from Toronto, Canada but has been in Asia for nearly a decade. He graduated from the University of Waterloo with a Bachelor of Applied Science in Health Studies. In his free time, Leslie enjoys running, working out and spending quality time with his family, including his two young children.

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