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Uniting for the Future of Workforce Challenges

As workforce dynamics continue to evolve, HR leaders are continuously required to pivot their strategies to meet their business challenges and looked upon by executive peers to lead the thinking in this space.

According to the Mercer Global Talent Trends, the biggest challenge for 2024 is “solving for talent agility and driving sustainable people practice”.

This became the topic of conversation at an HR Leaders forum in Melbourne. Hosted by Aurecon and in collaboration with Mercer, the ChapmanCG Australia team brought together HR leaders from the area to delve into the evolving challenges faced by businesses and HR as the workforce dynamics shift.

Cynthia Cottrell, Partner, Pacific Leader, Mercer Workforce Consulting and Digital Solutions at Mercer, shared insights from the study, which brought together wide-ranging perspectives from 12,000 C-suiters, HR leaders, and employees across 16 geographies and 16 industries and is a crucial resource for understanding the future of workforce dynamics.

Following on from this session, Kate spoke with Cynthia to discuss the key areas of the report and how this can be seen from the perspective of Australian businesses and HR Leaders.

According to the Mercer 2024 Global Talent Trends the four key trends shaping the People agenda are

  • Drive human-centric productivity – Solve the productivity equation with AI, assessment and work design
  • Anchor to trust and equity – Foster a climate of trust through fair pay, equity, and inclusion
  • Boost the corporate immune system – Build resilient cultures with teams that are risk-aware and healthy at the core
  • Cultivate a digital-first culture – Design an adaptive, digitally fluent organisation where people can thrive

Here in Australia and abroad, productivity factors heavily into the Global Talent Trends this year.  Our research shows that focusing on human-led transformation in a world augmented by machines and AI is key.  To ensure that the Australian workforce truly benefits from the gains of AI, we have to shift the productivity discussion from doing more with less to doing work with less effort.

Cynthia Cottrell, Partner, Pacific Leader, Mercer Workforce Consulting and Digital Solutions at Mercer

To view full details of the Mercer Global Trends Report click here

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