Conversations with Global HR Leaders Interview Series

No HR topic is off-limits as Global HR leaders discuss all things people and culture and what this means for the immediate future of work, as well as the long term. In this original series of 10-minute conversations, some of the greatest minds in HR share perspectives and recent learnings from their stellar careers. It’s a privilege to tap into a global constellation of HR thinkers and share these insights with our community. 

Rebecca Port, Global Head of HR at Netflix, talks to Matthew Chapman, Founder of ChapmanCG about how this transition period has been both challenging and opportunistic.

This interview series is brought to you by the Thrive HR Exchange is a global community platform for people leaders and HR professionals to find and exchange inspiration, ideas and insights relevant to your role, your career and the future of work, created by Matt Chapman, Founder of ChapmanCG, and Stephanie Nash. Join the community at Thrive HR Exchange


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