How to Effectively Build Cross-Generational Teams in Today’s Climate

Hosted by: Cisco

It is every leaders’ dream to build the perfect team: a diverse blend of personality types, a broad range of skill sets, inspirational managers and up-and-coming HiPo’s. But they do not always consider the generational mix, which can leave parts of the workforce completely overlooked. In this ChapmanCG podcast, Managing Director, Tim Spriggs speaks with Dr. Robert Kovach, Director, Conscious Leaders & Teams at Cisco, about his experience and unique take on building cross-generational teams in today’s climate.

Cisco is the global leader in networking, security, collaboration and unified communications, based in Silicon Valley,  with more than 75,000 employees worldwide. Robert has been with the company more than 13 years and previously was a Managing Director with RHR International and HR Director with Pepsico.

To find out more, or for further reading, check out Robert’s website.


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