AI is Transforming the Function of Human Resources

Hosted by: Nokia

AI is transforming the function of human resources. Organisations are beginning to embrace artificial intelligence (AI) in HR, according to HR leaders at a ChapmanCG round table meeting in Jakarta recently, hosted by Nokia’s Head of HR, Hadiyansyah Tarmizi.
According to the PWC 20th CEO Survey (Edition 2017), more than 40% of international companies now use AI.
Chatbots and self service
Hadiyansyah Tarmizi shared how Nokia has reshaped its business into a comprehensive portfolio of network infrastructure and adjacent software innovation, which aims to optimise services and enhance customer experiences.
To align with this, Nokia’s HR team has deployed technology including chatbots and a self-service model. Chatbots, being computer programs designed to simulate conversation with human users.
The role of AI
His view is that it reduces administration and leaves HR practitioners more time for more strategic work.  However, there are many qualities and skills that AI cannot yet fully replace, including creativity, intuition, common sense, motivation and .
Embracing AI and big data
AI and big data can have a significant impact on a range of business areas, according to Mira Fajar Soetjipto, Director of Human Capital, IT and Strategy Management at The Body Shop.
This includes:

  • enhancing customer engagement through chatbots, mobile commerce, in-store digital assistance and customer analytics
  • simplifying business processes and increasing productivity through business intelligence platforms, enterprise resource planning and enhanced connectivity
  • improving decision making through predictive analytics, which can provide an additional level of insight and granularity, as well as KPIs that are available in real time on your mobile phones.

We would like to thank our gracious host, Hadi Tarmizi of Nokia, and our speakers Sumarlan Wibawa and Mira Fajar Soetjipt for generously sharing their time and experience.
We would also like to thank our lively participants who took part in the debate from organisations including Adaro, AirAsia, Black & Veatch, Bluebird, GE, Kerry Group, Mandala Multifinance, Prysmian, PT J&P Indonesia,  PT NHM Nusa Halmahera Mineral, PT Salam Pacific, PZ Cussons, Samudera Indonesia, Takeda, Volvo and Zurich Insurance.


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