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Creating Winning Cultures

Cultural challenges, language challenges, team challenges – Ollie Phillips had to deal with them all as an International Rugby Player and in subsequent roles across companies as varied as PwC and China Rugby.

In this Video Conversation, Ollie shares his experiences working with teams where language influences the culture within an organisation, his admiration for the Japanese approach of Ikigai – life purpose, and some of the valuable learnings businesses can draw from the world of sports.

Having founded his own business in 2014 – Optimist Performance – Ollie now works with individuals, teams and organisations to help them reach their full potential. At the core of their work there are three fundamental beliefs:

  1. Everyone can achieve anything
  2. Organisations should be a source of learning, growth and collaboration
  3. Shared experiences have the power to transform

You can watch the individual sections below or the full conversation here.

Creating Winning Cultures

Ikigai – A Sense of Purpose

Leadership Challenges: Working in Another Language

Learning from Sports Coaching

About Optimist Performance

The Conversation in Full


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