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The Chapman Consulting Group Concludes the June 2013 Series of Asia Pacific HR Leaders Gatherings

The Chapman Consulting Group has just finished a series of 30 group meetings of HR Leaders across Asia Pacific in the month of June. Our great thanks go to all the HR Directors who helped to team up with us in co-hosting these meetings at their offices or in other prominent locations in Singapore, Hong Kong, Shanghai, Tokyo, Sydney, Kuala Lumpur, Bangkok, Taipei, Seoul and Manila. We are very happy to use these forums to build personal and professional networks to allow ideas to be shared, and to offer our own input too.

We look forward to continuing to host similar group meetings in the future. Next time we’ll be sure to also include the other principal locations of Beijing, Jakarta, Melbourne, New Delhi, Bangalore and Mumbai. Apologies to our network of HR leaders in these locations for not being able to include you this time around!


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