The Chapman Consulting Group Concludes European HR Leaders Sessions in Frankfurt with LSG Skychef

Hosted by: LSG

The Chapman Consulting Group co-hosted the final European HR Leaders session in Frankfurt alongside LSG Skychef last week. Leaders from a variety of industries and organisations were present including Alcatel-Lucent, Atos, Bayer, Beam, Boehringer Ingelheim, Danone, DHL, Esprit, UCB and others.

Our host from LSG Skychef, SVP of Global HR, Ria Hendriks, gave an introductory presentation on how key business data is integral to the company’s day-to-day operations. Serving more than 300 customer airlines in 54 countries and providing 26 million meals per annum, including over 50,000 bread rolls per day and around five tonnes of caviar per year, LSG Skychef is a hugely complex and deadline driven environment. Hendriks shared some fascinating insights illustrating how data management has become fundamental to the management of the business and its people.

Inside Out

One recurring theme in our discussions has been the need to amalgamate internal and external data. LSG Skychef currently uses internal data to determine what skillsets the company needs in the workforce, and compares this with what is available in the market. At one stage, when comparing skills needed vs. external data on those available, it was found that the company required 50% of the skillset available. This can be key information in the development of an organisation’s talent development and management strategies.

Watch Your Step

One HR Leader present questioned the ethics regarding the use of the vast range of ‘big data’ available and challenged the group on this. She argued that the availability of this data does not necessarily mean that we should use it in determining how we manage our workforce. This received varying opinions and perspectives and is clearly a complex area, which will differ across organisations, industries, geographies and even individuals.

Many thanks go to LSG Skychef for hosting this fantastic group in a stimulating and insightful discussion. We look forward to bringing this group together again later in the year.


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