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The Chapman Consulting Group Commences the September 2012 Series of Global HR Leaders Meetings in Europe

Hosted by: British American Tobacco Alcatel-Lucent Boehringer Ingelheim Swiss Re Mars Sodexo Mölnlycke Health Care IPG Mediabrands

The Chapman Consulting Group is about to set off for a series of meetings with groups of Global HR Leaders in principal locations across Europe. Thanks go to our co-hosts for their support: British American Tobacco & Organisation Solutions (London, UK), IPG Mediabrands (London, UK), Boehringer Ingelheim (Frankfurt, DE), Swiss Re (Zurich, CH), Sodexo (Paris, FR), Alcatel-Lucent (Paris, FR), Mars (Brussels, BE) and Mölnlycke Health Care (Gothenburg, SE).

These meetings have been designed for small groups of 20 Global HR Leaders to gather in informal settings and discuss matters concerning HR and Talent in Asia and Emerging Markets. The Chapman Consulting Group will also be discussing the latest trends that we are seeing on the ground, as well as presenting new research on the demographics and geographical spread of HR practitioners in Asia across a variety of industry sectors.

As part of the meetings, some of the HR Leaders in attendance will also be making short presentations, which will act as jumping-off points for discussion. Here are some of the themes that will be covered:

  • Examining Root Causes and Potential Solutions for the Broken Pipeline between Growth Markets and the Headquarter Organisation
  • Issues in Embedding a Culture of Compliance and Integrity into Asia
  • How To Attract and Retain Talent into Non-Mainstream Industries in Emerging Markets
  • Dispelling the Myths: What are the True Challenges of Implementing Global HR policies into Asia
  • Retention in China: Why do People Leave and What Talent Management Strategies can Address these Concerns?
  • “Sourcing for Growth”: Aligning Resources to Growth Markets and Leveraging Knowledge and Experience from Mature Markets.
  • Switching from Seniority-based to Performance-based Pay in the Hierarchical Societies of Asia Developing a Leadership Bench Strength for a Diverse World
  • What are the differences between the Reality of HR and Talent on the ground in Asia and its Perception from the Global HQ?
  • How To Monitor the Satisfaction and Cultural Affinity of High Potential Talent
  • How To Translate the Employee Value Proposition into Asia and Emerging Markets
  • How can Western multinationals best integrate new recruits into their Asia teams
  • How to Ensure that Leadership in Emerging Markets is at the Same Level as Elsewhere in the Organisation


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