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Katherine Qu, Director, and Ben Davies, Managing Director with ChapmanCG, presented the hottest trends for HR in China during the latest ChapmanCG Global HR Webinar held on the 26th May. The session included a presentation and panel Q&A. A recording of this live session can be found here:

Key takeaways included:

  • China HR leaders are being given new challenges beyond growth and attracting talent. Development and retention are now crucial to maintaining ROI.
  • The next generation of HR leaders is making their mark with technology, social media and ‘hyper career paths’ becoming the norm.
  • Mobility within China is facing a crunch. 3rd tier cities are now desirable and expensive: where next for 4th and 5th tier cities?
  • Greater China is fashionable once again. Hong Kong, Taiwan and Korea are combining in many organisation design plans for APAC. We are now seeing SEA and Greater China, rather than just APAC.
  • Harnessing the global brand for China attraction can offer unique ‘hooks’. Local companies have the upper hand in some areas, but MNCs are innovating to compete.

For the interactive Q&A session Qu and Davies were joined by Gary Qin the Head of Talent Acquisition for SAP across Greater China and Flora Yim the China Head of HR for Deutsche Bank. The key questions discussed were:

  • Whats the key HR agenda item in China today?
  • There have been some changes in China’s labor law in the recent few years: do you think they have become more pro-employee and how are you dealing with this?
  • Do you think HR and function leaders in China are making real impact on business strategies for the organizations? And how does that happen in SAP China?
  • China seems to now have a reputation for less talent than the roles companies want to put in China. Do you agree? And what different approaches to the next generation of HR talent would you suggest?
  • What makes a great HR leader in China? What differentiates the good from the fantastic?
  • Global mobility is a complicated topic in Asia. What is your view at the moment on the willingness of China talent to go overseas?
  • How do you think the HR profession is evolving in China? And what does the future hold?

To listen to the interactive Q&A:

Katherine Qu is a Director with ChapmanCG who splits her time between Singapore and China. Katherine leads the ChapmanCG China practice and overseas country, regional and global HR roles in the region. Ben Davies is a Managing Director with ChapmanCG based in Europe. Ben helps CHROs build their global HR teams across the world.

The next LIVE ChapmanCG Global HR webinar will be focused on Africa on 19th July 2016 at 9am Central European Time. For more information and to register please click here


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