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Indonesian HR Leaders Discuss "Big Data" in Jakarta

Hosted by: Mondelez International

Having completed the Europe, U.S. and Singapore networking sessions, The Chapman Consulting Group’s Spring 2014 Global HR Leader Series’ next stop was Jakarta. More than 25 Indonesian HR Leaders met on 5 May, when Loethano Novi Syukriadi from Mondelez co-hosted the discussion, along with Graham Tollit, Director of ChapmanCG. An impressive range of companies were present including 3M, AkzoNobel, Campbell Soup Company, Ericsson, Fonterra, IBM, IKEA, Honeywell, Manulife, PwC, Ritz-Carlton, Sandoz and Yahoo!

Allowing for a few latecomers due to the notorious Jakarta traffic, the group launched into the key topic for discussion, “HR Analytics and the Growing Importance of ‘Big Data’ in HR Management.” The discussion later turned to what other key challenges and critical issues were currently being faced by HR Leaders in Indonesia.

Irvandi Ferizal, HR Head of Mondelez Indonesia, began with an introduction to the Mondelez organisation, which can only be described as a true global snacks powerhouse. A US$35 billion company with 110,000 employees across 165 countries, the organisation aims to leverage their competitive advantage to achieve two primary goals: 1) to deliver top-tier financial performance; and 2) to be a great place to work. While creating ‘Delicious Moments of Joy’ for customers, the company takes ‘big data’ very seriously and is constantly seeking new ways to use existing data and analytics more effectively.

Dani Daksinaputra, Head of HR of Adani Group operations in Indonesia, turned the discussion to ‘Managing Global HR in the Big Data Era.’ He focused on the work force and active stakeholders in companies today – how the mix of the generations and their different perceptions, result in an increasingly complex and different set of HR challenges. He argued that what the CEO and business now demand from HR ranges widely from talent, branding, communications, trend analysis and forecasting, as well as change management and culture building. Dani stated, “HR needs to be perceived as a trusted unit by both the CEO and employees. It is essential to be highly commercial and to know the business, in order to have the influence and impact required. This needs to be earned, and data can give you that extra power, but be aware it must be correct.”

Meriam Katombo, HR Head of Ericsson, Indonesia agreed and gave her perspective on how she feels HR must now use data to work more closely with the business, which may be a change. She commented, “Many HR professionals are increasingly out of their comfort zones, as they have to be finance-savvy and people-savvy, as well as dealing with sales populations. It’s about productivity and efficiency.”

Asep Susilo, Head of HR AzkoNobel Indonesia, then presented to the group on the topic of “Optimising Talent Management Systems in a Global Organisation.” The message he delivered was, “Performance management measures past performance while Talent Management predicts future performance and talent needs. There are three Dimensions of talent: consistent & solid performance; growth potential; and agility including change, mobility and adaptability.” He said the role of a local HR Analyst is to act as the key to a great system: someone who can bridge the global talent management system with the local requirement.

Finally, Yos Rizal Setiawan, 3M Head of HR, Indonesia gave an insightful overview of his vision of what the future of HR looks like with ‘big data.’ He stated, “Yes, ‘big data’ tells a story, and enables fact based decision making. But we must be careful because over-analysis could equal paralysis. We must focus on what is required first, and it’s essential that we have the ability to manage the data flow.”

Discussions on the growing importance of ‘big data’ in HR decision-making have now happened in each of the Chapman Consulting Group’s key markets, and we will certainly watch and monitor with interest how this affects the HR function as time progresses. Many thanks again go to Mondelez for hosting the session and we look forward to bringing together our Indonesian HR group again later in the year.


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