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Human Resources Global Salary Report, July-September 2014

We are always interested to see the movement in average salaries when looking back on a busy quarter. As ever, these numbers are purely an indication of the work we have been involved in around the globe, and may not be reflective of the HR salary trends within each of these markets. Asia Pacific is still our busiest region, however Europe, the U.S. and Africa are starting to gain a larger share of our overall revenues. With this said, the averages in the markets that we are stronger in are more indicative of average market salaries than our emerging markets.

Last quarter there were some drastic fluctuations, and we notice that this quarter the numbers have generally bounced back to the Q1 averages.

Average salaries in the Americas, Middle East, India and Africa show more or less consistency across the quarters this year as we continue to work on a mix of roles with similar scope. Likewise European salaries have remained close to Q2 levels. Last quarter we forecasted to see a steep increase in Q3; however, this projection will be pushed into Q4 as the placement of some of those significant roles falls into the next quarter.

Southeast Asia region numbers are relatively stable, except for the Philippines where we notice an increase back to the level of Q1, due to the seniority of the roles we have worked on there in the last quarter.

Our Northeast Asia region has stayed consistent with the exception of South Korea. As mentioned in our report last quarter, South Korea in Q2 was bumped higher because of a large role that we worked on with a multinational organisation with a large presence in the country.

There are slight fluctuations in Hong Kong and China averages, but we really hope to see some interesting growth in these markets, supported by the recent news that we have a new director supporting this region.

Finally, we enjoyed a surge in our Australia averages after working on a few very exciting and large roles there for a key client.

Note: These figures are averages for the roles we have placed and excludes any discretionary payment (such as variable bonus, stock options), as well as allowances.



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