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Global Asian Leader: From Asia, For the World

A ChapmanCG Global HR Leaders Forum in Thailand

Hosted by: Center for Creative Leadership

Rounding off a very successful year collaborating with Center for Creative Leadership on numerous events, we were excited to bring together a select group of senior HR Leaders for our first in-person event in Thailand in nearly three years.

Together with Werachai Kulchanapark, Senior Director Human Resources, Asia at PepsiCo, and Diana Khaitova, Regional Sales Director at Center for Creative Leadership, we continued our discussion on a very relevant topic for HR and business leaders in Thailand and the wider ASEAN region – “Global Asian Leader: From Asia, for the World”. The Global Asian Leader research by CCL investigates how organisations with regional aspirations continue to pursue their global Asian leader development agenda despite constantly shifting contexts.

HR Leaders from some of the top brands in Thailand shared perspectives from both sides at this very engaging session. The discussion centred around five must-have traits that Asian leaders must demonstrate: Courage, Curiosity, Trust, Influence and Strategic Thinking, and the culture of the organisation which are the essential factors for Asian leaders to build a successful international career. 

This was a very relevant and engaging subject and great to have everyone in the same room in Bangkok for the first time since the Covid lockdown.  It’s always enjoyable to discuss such thought provoking issues. Thank you ChapmanCG for arranging!

Alison Loftin, Director HR Talent Acquisition at Pandora

The discussion on developing local leaders in Asia was not only enjoyable and engaging but very timely given the growth opportunities that exist in this dynamic region. The opportunity to connect with other HR leaders on the development of executive talent in Asia, was both insightful and thought provoking.

Justin Frederiks, HR Director Talent – Leadership & Performance at Ford Motor Company

The fascinating research presented on developing the 5 key traits of Global Asian Leader led to a fascinating and open discussion, a useful and thought-provoking meeting, it was a great morning!

Tom Browne, Director Talent Acquisition at VMware

It was a well thought through, well curated event. The discussion on building southeast Asian talent is a very pertinent one and the event really brought out many nuances around this topic. I enjoyed meeting with the participants and overall, a very engaging and insightful event. Thank you Diana for your insights and research. Overall, I am happy I could find time for this, and I am looking forward to the next session. 

Rashmi Sharma, Global Director Learning and Leadership at The Coca Cola Company

It is such a privilege to connect with the HR leaders talking about such an important topic in supporting our future Asian leaders for global presence. Valuable thoughts and provocations exchanged, meaningful (re-)connections made. I am looking forward to more!

Rungkarn Jane Ratanaporn, Global Talent Manager at Diageo

A very relevant topic which could have been discussed for hours at stretch. It was very insightful to understand the perceived barriers for Asian Leadership as the understanding of these can help all organisation to deploy their talent strategy in a manner to support this gap.

Shivika Bubber, Regional Human Resources Director at Linfox Asia

We are looking forward to hosting more exclusive sessions for our network of HR Leaders across APAC and the rest of the world. If you would like to get more insights from inspiring HR Leaders in our global network, you can find out about our upcoming events here.


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