ChapmanCG turns 12


As we turn 12 today, our Founder and Chairman Matthew Chapman, reflects on the ChapmanCG journey so far.

(Originally published on LinkedIn 3 April 2020)

Sometimes, it felt like time was being measured in dog years, but more recently it feels like just yesterday that we got started in Singapore.

In 2008, we were heading into the global financial crisis. I remember the phone running hot with HR leaders being retrenched. Most of 2009 and 2010 was spent on calls and in meetings, giving HR friends support with market outlooks and discussing the very few jobs that were around. In 2011 the clouds lifted and companies began needing HR leaders again.

Twelve years later, with our presence across the Americas, EMEA and Asia Pacific, we are now a global organisation, but the current economic climate brings back those memories from the early days. The ChapmanCG ethos has always been helping people first and foremost, and we remain poised to support our HR friends through this current landscape.

For me, the ChapmanCG story has been the perfect blend of lifestyle and a passion for HR. Thanks to everyone in the HR world and our valued employees who have supported us. I can honestly say that I enjoy it now as much I did when we started!


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