ChapmanCG's Jovin Tan and Qian Yin Yap to Compete For Gold in UK

Two ChapmanCG employees, Jovin Tan and Qian Yin Yap, will compete at the beginning of August in the Royal Yachting Association’s (RYA) eighth Sailability Multiclass Regatta in Rutland, England. The competition will take place from 1-3 August and is the largest of its type in the country, attracting sailors from around the World.

Earlier this year Yap and Tan came in first place at the Oceanbridge Sail Auckland regatta in New Zealand. Matt Chapman, CEO of The Chapman Consulting Group, said, “I am really proud of Jovin and Qian Yin competing in the RYA regatta in England next month. This competition represents an important milestone in their training, and the RYA provides such valuable services to the disabled community. Both Jovin and Qian Yin are two of our highest potential employees in ChapmanCG, and it is just so inspiring to see them excelling in their sporting pursuits.”

Jovin and Qian Yin live their lives in wheelchairs, and sailing has provided a unique opportunity for both to enjoy physical activity and to take part in competitive events. RYA Sailability raises funds for facilities and volunteers to support disabled people participating in the sport. It has established more than 200 ‘foundation clubs’ (sailing clubs with dedicated facilities for disabled sailing) throughout the UK, and has raised in the region of 4Million Great British Pounds (over 8.5 $SGD) to support such schemes.

Jovin Tan stated, “Both QY and myself are very excited about the upcoming RYA Multi Class Regatta in Rutland. We have been training hard every weekend for many months, and this competition will be a good stepping stone for us, prior to the Asian Para Games in Incheon, Korea in October 2014.” He continued, “We will be striving to do our best, and flying our Singapore flag high, hoping that our hard work, time, effort and sacrifice pays off!” Qian Yin added, “With this major competition approaching, we have learned the importance of prioritising, time management and self-discipline in balancing our work and our training. We are very grateful to Matt and the staff at ChapmanCG for their tremendous support with our sailing.



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Jovin Tan

Executive Assistant

Jovin is an Executive Assistant based in Singapore. He facilitates HR searches by assisting the consulting team in coordinating interviews for candidates and clients, as well as organising call screenings and other administrative duties.

Prior to joining ChapmanCG, Jovin was employed in a hospital call centre, which provided a good grounding in customer service. He also spent some time working for a recruitment consultancy, where he was responsible for placing junior positions.

Jovin has competed in the Paralympics four times: Athens 2004, Beijing 2008, London 2012 and Rio 2016. He has also represented Singapore in the disabled sailing community since 2002. Jovin was awarded his Para Sailing Coaching Certificate in 2016, and is now a certified Sailing Coach. He was also the first person with a disability to acquire a Powered Pleasure Craft Driving Licence (PPCDL) in Singapore.

The Singapore Disability Sports Council made Jovin aware of the career opportunity with ChapmanCG in 2011. In order to maintain his strict training regime, Jovin needs an employer that supports flexible working and allows employees to pursue outside interests, which are both priorities at ChapmanCG.

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