ChapmanCG Receives Strategic Investment from Will Group, Inc. (TSE 6089)

ChapmanCG has secured strategic investment from Will Group, Inc. (TSE 6089). Will Group is a listed company in Japan with revenues of approximately US$1 billion.
Will Group has made, and will continue to make, a number of key investments in the search, staffing and HR tech sectors. Outside of search, recruitment and staffing, they are a sales call centre and factory outsourcing provider across a number of industry segments including media, internet and healthcare.
ChapmanCG was founded in 2008 by Matthew Chapman and Oscar Fuchs. The firm originated in Singapore and quickly grew globally. It specialises purely in HR search and is now the largest organisation of its kind in the world, covering 69 countries with over 110,000 HR executive leaders in its network.
Matthew Chapman, Founder of ChapmanCG, said of the investment: “The decision to partner with Will Group’s investment was a long thought-out one; we continue to expand and joining forces with a listed Japanese company, like Will Group, creates the platform to rapidly support our growth and opportunities for our clients, HR network and employees.”
Chapman said the alignment in values and long-term growth synergy between the firms were key to his decision-making process.
Will Group has been known to the ChapmanCG group for a number of years following its previous investment in Ethos Beath Chapman, a generalist search company previously owned by Matthew Chapman and Matt Beath.
Chapman said the goal of ChapmanCG is to continue to be the most prominent HR search firm in the world. ChapmanCG is led by Ben Davies, CEO, Stefanie Cross-Wilson, COO and Albert Kwong, CFO.
Chapman remains as Non-Executive Chairman and he will also work more closely with Will Group from 1 April as Head of Client Strategy for their International Operations (along with Matt Beath as CEO).


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