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ChapmanCG Launches Website for Tommy Lim Initiative: CEO Matt Chapman Races Across Madagascar to Raise Funds

The Chapman Consulting Group today announces the launch of a dedicated website for the Tommy Lim Initiative (TLI), which aims to provide funds for physically disabled adults in Singapore to enable them to increase the value, meaning and balance in their lives. Having launched the Initiative in May, ChapmanCG CEO, Matt Chapman, will begin running an ultra-marathon through the deserts of Madagascar on Saturday, 31 August, to raise initial funding for the TLI.

The TLI website will enable both donations, as well as applications from those in the disabled community in Singapore who would like to benefit from the initiative. The Chapman Consulting Group set up this initiative in memory of Tommy Lim, a dedicated employee of the company who had a severe form of muscular dystrophy and passed away in February of this year.

Without the use of his legs and with deformed arms and hands, Tommy’s physical challenges would have slowed down most people, but he was not one to take life slowly. Former colleagues have described him as “the magic man” and “superhuman” with the capacity to take on more and more and often exceed expectations. When Tommy came to ChapmanCG, it was to the great benefit of both the company and Tommy himself. With his endless curiosity, good humour and hard work ethic, he was a strong influence, and as a former colleague described him, “he was one of the major pieces of glue that held the firm together.”

In turn, Matt Chapman and the company supported and trained Tommy, while also doing what they could to make his life more comfortable, so he could be happier and more effective. The remote working and encouragement from ChapmanCG opened up so many possibilities for someone like Tommy who grabbed every chance life offered him and made the most of it, and in a short space of time, he became one of the company’s star performers.

According to Matt Chapman, “Tommy embodied so many of the values that we uphold at ChapmanCG. In spite of his disability, he inspired so many with his positivity, dedication, perseverance and work ethic. Tommy made the most of his life, working hard and also pursuing a wide range of activities and interests outside of work. It is important to me that we preserve his memory, and try to capture and perpetuate the spirit he represented so well during his time with the company.”

Matt will show his dedication to the cause as he aims to conquer the wilds of Madagascar in this 250km ultra-marathon, battling physical and mental exhaustion, as well as the elements. He must carry all of his food and gear, as the race is self-supporting, and he will be expected to run a marathon every day for six consecutive days. He states of the challenge, “If I can succeed, I hope it will inspire people donate to what I think is a very worthy cause. For many with disabilities, every day feels like facing an ultra-marathon — just getting out of bed can be a challenge for some. We are hoping to affect the lives of those in Singapore’s disabled community in a positive way with this initiative, helping them to go further in their lives and be all they can be.”

Please visit the Tommy Lim Initiative website at

How can you follow Matt’s race:

1) You can follow the race daily at

2) You can follow Matt’s daily race blog at

3) You can send Matt a message at: (He is competitor 32)



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