ChapmanCG Fills Gap in CHRO Executive Search Market

ChapmanCG has increased its focus on senior {nolink}executive search{/nolink} at the global Chief Human Resources Officer level. A member of the ChapmanCG group of companies, ChapmanCHRO partners with Chief Executive Officers and company boards to make these critical HR appointments. This practice also works with CHROs to identify and assess their potential successors into their global HR leadership teams.

As the only global {nolink}executive search{/nolink} firm present in all major regions, ChapmanCG is uniquely placed to offer this level of consultancy to multinationals headquartered in {nolink}Europe{/nolink}, {nolink}North America{/nolink} and Asia. According to International President, Stefanie Cross-Wilson, “We have been working with CHROs for a long time, and have noted that the market is very underserviced. There is no other HR specialized firm operating at this very senior level with a physical presence in all major regions. We have a distinctive ability to identify current and future CHROs on a truly global basis; therefore, we have decided to put more emphasis on this important aspect of our business as we move into planning for 2016.”

ChapmanCG as a specialist in HR is able to provide greater technical expertise and increased access to a broader group of candidates, which is critical in key CHRO placements. The company excels in tracking CHRO-level talent with experience across multiple geographies, including those who have spent time living and working in key emerging markets. Today’s CHROs need to have global experience in both mature and emerging markets, and ChapmanCG’s unparalleled access to both passive and active candidates with this type of exposure accelerates a client’s learning curve, increasing the likelihood of a successful hire.

Matt Chapman, CEO, states, “We have long noticed that more and more of the HR leaders occupying CHRO roles are people that ChapmanCG has tracked around the world on international assignments. With more of these roles demanding individuals with multi-market experience, we are sitting firmly on this audience. Simultaneously, with more CHROs today demanding analytical answers on HR issues across the world, ChapmanCG is stepping up our knowledge and data resources to make sure we are the go-to firm for HR intelligence across all key world markets.”

For further information about ChapmanCHRO, please visit or contact Matthew Chapman or Stefanie Cross-Wilson at


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