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ChapmanCG Announces the Launch of the Tommy Lim Initiative

The Chapman Consulting Group today announces the launch of the Tommy Lim Initiative to raise funds for physically disabled adults in Singapore, which will enable them to go further in their lives. Set up in memory of Tommy Lim, a dedicated employee of the company who unfortunately passed away in February, this initiative aims to help physically disabled adults increase the value, meaning and balance in their lives.

Mr. Matthew Chapman, the Chief Executive Officer of the Group, will be embarking on a physically gruelling, mentally challenging week-long, 250km ultra-marathon in Madagascar to motivate people to donate for this cause. The idea for the Tommy Lim Initiative arose after Tommy’s death, he said, with the desire to help other members of the physically disabled community in Singapore. “I was so inspired by Tommy’s story – he was so positive despite being disabled, and his death affected so many people both within our organisation and outside of it. I wanted to start something that would help the disabled in the broader community.”

Because of its exceptional challenge, Matt Chapman chose this ultra-marathon to launch the campaign to raise funds for the new initiative. “This is a high-profile, physically gruelling activity, and it requires a lot of mental stamina to compete. An ultra-marathon in the wilds of Madagascar captures people’s imagination, and I hope it will inspire them. When I looked at Tommy’s situation, I felt like his life was an ultra-marathon – he had a lot of pain and so many struggles, yet he stayed unfailingly enthusiastic and supportive of those around him.” Matt Chapman continued, “Tommy had a lot of interests and activities outside of work, he had an exceptionally strong work ethic, and he always remained generous with his time and extremely humble. He had a significant impact on our organisation, and I am very committed to preserving his memory.”

Chapman is {nolink}banking{/nolink} on this fierce determination to pay off, as his fundraising target is $250,000 for the 250km he has sworn to complete. The money will go towards supporting disabled people to either improve their living conditions, or to pursue activities or hobbies that can contribute to a positive state of mind. This may include personal gym training to improve their strength, or specialised equipment, such as standing frames and cushions to prevent bed sores. These life enhancing changes are often out of reach for many disabled adults, due to low disposable income, according to Matt Chapman. “We as a company have a long history of helping disabled people – a segment in society that is often forgotten. For us, this has been about giving people meaningful jobs, and now, we will be raising money to enable more disabled people to pursue activities we hope will give meaning to their lives,” said Matt Chapman.

For more information on Matt Chapman’s Madagascar ultra-marathon challenge, please click here:



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Matt is a wellness, self-improvement and fitness addict. He has completed six desert, 250km ultra-marathons in Chile, China, Egypt, Antarctica, Namibia and Madagascar.

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