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Most of us have been there before, you know, when you’re busy solving everyone else’s problems while yours just pile up. When your entire week was in back-to-back interviews or meetings and there was never any time to actually, you know, work! It can sneak up on you if you’re not careful. Burnout can erode your enthusiasm and turn you into a grumpy spouse and an unproductive colleague.

But the good news is that burnout is usually a sign that something’s not working. It is an opportunity for you to step back, reassess and make changes that will lead to a more productive and happier you.


Have you been snapping at your spouse or kids? Can’t think of a positive thing to say about that HR Transformation project or a colleague? Is the lady serving your coffee annoying you with her cheerful disposition? Yep, chances are you’re burned out. Stop fighting it and stop thinking that it’s everyone else’s fault. While you don’t have to broadcast it, own how you’re feeling and be prepared to do something about it.

Take time for you

Taking some time to yourself is essential. There’ll be a million excuses why you can’t take that hour, that day or week off, but you need it. You’ll gain perspective. Relax. Rest. Don’t fill this time with all the errands you’ve not completed because you’ve been busy. Your body has been hinting to you all along that it needed this reprieve. Listen to it.


Now this part is the least fun because you’re forcing yourself to analyse what you could’ve done better. Think of it as a self-appraisal. Take an honest look at your last few months and ask yourself where you derailed. Given that burn-out isn’t your normal state of mind, ask yourself what led to it? What routine did you break? What new habits did you develop?

Create a better routine

Everyone says that people fear change, but you don’t have to because this change is for the better. Most people burnout because they are trying to cram too many things into a single day. Take time to properly plan out your next HR project. Set realistic timelines and raise your hand when you need help, at work and at home.

Take better care of yourself

There are studies abound about the health benefits of exercise and a good diet. Just a few minutes of meditation has been proven to drastically reduce stress and improve mental acuity. Attend one of those Employee Wellness programmes you helped organise. Whatever your poison, the point is to make time for your health. A healthier you will identify challenges quicker, handle them better, and be sharper at creating solutions.

Mental burnout is never fun, but it’s one of those life lessons that can lead to be a better you.


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