2009 Quarter 4 Salaries Rise Across the Region

The Chapman Consulting Group this week released the 2009 Quarter 4 Salary Report for the Human Resources profession across Asia Pacific Japan. Our salary report is based on collective discussions during October and November 2009 with HR practitioners based in Singapore, Hong Kong, Tokyo, Shanghai and Sydney.

Our salary report highlights the approximately average base salary band for HR Head, HR Business Partner, Resourcing, Compensation & Benefits, Organisational Development and HR Operations talent in both regional and local positions in the above locations. The bands synthesise both current salaries that HR practitioners are being paid in their existing jobs, plus salaries being offered for new HR positions.

In light of the hotter market across the region, salaries have risen for several key positions. “The upper limits of Regional HR Heads are being pushed out in all key locations, especially Singapore and Hong Kong”, say Matthew Chapman, Managing Director of The Chapman Consulting Group. “What we will say though is that there still have not been a large number of HR moves at the senior level, in comparison to two years ago Quarter 4, 2007, and that the data-size is relatively small”.

It is no surprise to see that Compensation & Benefits salaries have risen right across the region. C&B Regional Heads in Singapore, Hong Kong and Australia have seen up to 25% increases. “The figures for Regional C&B Managers has been on par with this and slightly higher”, said Chapman. He expects a critical shortage of C&B practitioners on the move to continue to push up C&B salaries in 2010. “Demand for resourcing practitioners still remains cool, so we have seen little movement in resourcing salaries”, said Chapman. “However a number of companies in the region have been adding or re-adding senior Organisational Development talent so salaries have begun to climb again in this specialisation. That said, OD salaries did fall by 20% in late 2008 and early 2009 in some parts of the region”, said Chapman.

Chapman cautions that when reading the figures for China HR Leader salaries, it is important to remember that ‘local plus’ and expatriate packages are being widely offered to foreign candidates (and quite a number of local candidates) as the market remains tight to attract senior level internationally-minded talent. So the figures in the survey represent base salary only. “The Japan HR market is showing a quiet resurgence in Quarter 4, and while we are not seeing any dramatic salary rises yet, since there is still a surplus of talent on the market, we would expect salary increases in both generalist and specialist roles beginning to show through in Quarter 1, 2010”, said Chapman.



The Chapman Consulting Group publishes an HR salary report each quarter covering the principal markets of the Asia Pacific Japan region. This report is based on discussions with HR practitioners across the region during the months of October 2009 and December 2009.


The figures used are for guaranteed fixed cash (base salary plus guaranteed bonus) and excludes any discretionary payment (such as variable bonus, stock options) as well as allowances. This report should be taken as a guide only. The Chapman Consulting Group bears no responsibility for errors or omissions therein.


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