Carrie is a Managing Director for ChapmanCG and as part of the company’s global leadership team she focuses on developing and implementing business and people strategies across our markets. She holds day-to-day responsibility for global management across Human Resources and supports Marketing and Operations.

Carrie has worked in the UK, Indonesia, Singapore and Australia with over 20 years of experience in project management, marketing strategy, business expansion and people management. Before joining ChapmanCG, Carrie worked for Barclays Bank, Westpac Bank, Insurance Australia Group, Qantas and Arthur Andersen Business Consulting.

Carrie has a Bachelor of Business in Marketing and International Business from the University of Technology Sydney. She is passionate about work-life balance, enjoying her job and being a mother to three young children. She also enjoys yoga, meditation and nutrition. She is currently obtaining a Diploma in Positive Psychology.

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